ELITE B.A.E. ft Erica Morris

Show Notes:

The path to becoming successful isn’t linear. For every step forward there’s another step sideways. It can feel like moving further from your goal, but every step, be it forward or sideways, teaches you something. From modeling to social media management, Erica Morris reveals the path she took to being a Boss Above Everything in this episode of ELITE B.A.E.

0:00 - 0:07: Intro

0:07 - 0:55: “What got you into modeling?”

0:55 - 2:03: “What got you into social media management?”

2:03 - 2:50: “What message do you have for little Black girls?”

2:50 - 3:08: “What does it mean to be a Boss Above Everything?”

3:08 - 3:27: Outro


(0:50 - 0:54): “And I’m always moving towards my new beginnings”

(2:28 - 2:31): “It requires you to work for it”

(2:54 - 3:02): “[Being a BAE] means that you’ve reached that level of mastery that can’t nobody touch”