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ELITE® Media is a multimedia production company. We create exemplary digital and physical brand assets. Our platforms highlight progressive perspectives and put a spotlight on underserved stories. Our products promote a positively tuned mindset. Our programs provide budding entrepreneurs with a foundation to "Build Your Own Brand".
          We value creativity, communication, and a relentless drive for growth. Our success comes from the passionate pursuit of fresh ideas. Our vision is to create a community that is truly proud to Be ELITE® in all aspects personally and professionally.
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We believe that ideas are at the foundation of society . Cultivating people to their peak mindset will intensify  the potential and power of their ideas. We fuel the culture forward with tools, resources, and trainings  that enable progress toward self-driven goals.

ELITE® Media

We produce exemplary digital and physical multimedia experiences. Our platforms highlight progressive perspectives and put a spotlight on underserved stories. Through our EMG Agency Partner program, we provide creative entrepreneurs with a platform to elevate their brand, develop their skillset, build a book of business, and network with established and emerging professionals.


Enthrall® U

Access over a decade of experience in brand development, business ownership, and authentic leadership through expertly curated programs that educate and equip you to build your own brand, business, and life. These experiential, brand-focused business incubators take entrepreneurs through an immersive consulting process to set intellectual and operational foundations.


ELITE® Fellowship

We are consistently committed to welcoming quality talent to our team and developing each member to reach their peak potential. Our Fellows benefit from 1:1 mentor sessions, personal skillset development planning, and access to professional media training opportunities. Our Fellowship participants are eligible to receive college credit; however, seats are no longer limited exclusively to college students. Each session lasts four months.


ELITE® garb

Our in-house lifestyle brand is dedicated to the mission to inspire success and progress into everyone we come into contact with. Each design is a reminder to keep an #ELITEmindset! We encourage you to find your true interests and beliefs and dive into them wholeheartedly. Fueled by Web3 infrastructure, the G.A.R.B. Token Rewards Program provides an entry point to support the network and gain access to resources to build your own brand.

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