Throughout life we as people like to know what’s coming or what happens next, it’s our comfort zone in knowing what to expect. But what happens when gears shift, or life takes an unexpected turn, how do we react? What do we do? How do we comfort ourselves in the unexpected? Not knowing what comes next but still overcoming it is what makes adaptability so powerful, but it’s not an easy challenge to overcome. Elite members at HQ talk about their experiences in adapting and how people can find ways to do it themselves when life takes turns that we don’t see coming.

0:00-1:00: Intro

1:00-2:52: “How do you adapt to change?”

2:52-4:38: “What was a time when change happened suddenly for you?”

4:38-6:09: “How were you able to adapt?”

6:09-7:54: “What did you learn?”

7:54-9:46: “Advice for those who struggle to adapt.”

“I hate to say the cliche, but time heals all wounds, and being around people you love, or close friends or I did a lot of praying at the time as well, because I can’t do everything myself.” (4:43-4:59)

“I learned a lot of personal resilience, and understanding my own social status, and kind of what I do best around people.” (7:02-7:09)

“In terms of personal development, it was important to make sure that I presented the best version of myself possible, for the people around me.” (7:09-7:16)

“It’s hard to say embrace it, but you have to embrace it at some point. If it looks like it’s unavoidable, it’s necessary to embrace it.” (8:18-8:25)

“I don’t think you need to have yourself together so fast, it’s okay to take a day to yourself, it’s okay to process things differently, it’s okay to ask for help. I think just taking a step to look inside yourself and see how you need to be helped, how you need advice, how you need to look at change in the future because you’re not like everyone else and that’s totally normal.” (8:40-9:19)