Bouncing Back

It’s not always about how you fall down, but how you get back up. People face adversity that knocks them down and keeps them doubting themselves all the time, it’s hard to push yourself feeling like you can’t overcome your obstacles. So it’s nice to hear from people and their experiences and how they got back up and kept going and what they learned from it.

0:00-0:41: Intro

0:41-3:09: “What was a time for you where you had a great bounce back?”

3:09-4:30: “What motivated you to push through during that time?”

4:30-5:46: “What’s the reward you get from bouncing back from a rough period?”

5:46-6:55: “What’s something that you learned about yourself from bouncing back?”

6:55-8:57: “How will that apply to your next time to push through?”

“It’s about sourcing your truth and sourcing your energy in a place internally and literally allowing your internal energy to overcome whatever adversity is going on around you.” (1:15-1:34)

“Having more control over my emotions and realizing I can’t control how people treat me and I can’t control situations that have nothing to do with me.” (4:34-4:40)

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned about myself throughout all the different forms of adversity that I have chosen to face and work through is really just my ability to be a problem solver.” (6:19-6:32)

“I learned how to have a growth mindset instead of a fix mindset.” (6:40)

“I would just continue to tell myself that I can’t control every situation.” (7:30-7:36)