Build Your Own Brandcast: Adrian Russell

Construction industry ambassador, mentor, visionary, director of adversity, equity, and inclusion, founder of Russell’s Building Camp, and owner of so many more achievements, Adrian Russell, pairs with Mike and Greg for the Brandcast. When it comes to reinventing yourself and paving your path for a successful future, Adrian is someone who knows best about that, he talks about his journey into finding what stands out about him in college and learning to focus and reinvent himself instead of always being focused on the others around him, which is something a lot of people commonly get caught up in and lose sight of what’s more important, which is always working on yourself, and Adrian shows why that’s important. And at the end of the day, make sure your success leaves a mark, and use it to help the people around you.

0:00-1:19: Intro

1:19-4:38: Adrian Russell’s upbringing

4:38-9:15: “What led to your interests and choice to get in from the side that you’re working in?”

9:15-13:41: “How did you develop your current mindset when you were going through Ball State when you were getting into this industry?”

13:41-16:20: “Can you speak on your ability to build professional presence, and some of the data points that you’ve been able to draw those experiences on?”

16:20-22:36: “Can you speak about the journey from the beginning of getting into the industry and getting to the point where you are now?”

22:36-26:08: “How did you transition into getting into giving back to the community”

26:08-33:35: “How did you find the balance of not only focusing on your own success but giving it back to the community?”

33:35-34:53: “What’s a favorite quote that you have?”

34:53-38:46: “What’s a character trait you value?”

38:46-39:48: “What’s a book you’d recommend?”

39:48-42:38: “If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say?”

42:38-45:24: “What are you up to on social media?”

45:24-47:39: End

“A lot of times, creating a space is really about acknowledging an opportunity, not starting something from scratch.” (7:42-7:53)

“Sometimes you need someone to open your own eyes to see and then understand that “Man, there is space for me.”” (8:29-8:35)

“Most adversity is an opportunity” (11:51-11:53)

“I’ve always been able to take a self-assessment and look at the things that made me memorable.” (14:59-15:05)

“My success should bleed into others to where we’re all able to share it cause there’s a seat at the table for everybody.” (28:25-28:31)

“Inspire those who aspire to do something.”

“Your attitude determines your aptitude.” -Zig Ziggler (34:06)

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