BYOB Featuring Adam Hudson

Successful entrepreneur from Australia Adam Hudson who also works with Amazon comes in to talk with Mike about what he’s learned over the years about working with businesses and success and how you should deal with success as you grow, because there can be a lot of common misconceptions about growing and being successful and wealthy and it takes more action and growth from the person who’s trying to get it, they also talk about the pursuit of happiness ultimately when you’re growing a business.

0:00-1:36: Intro

1:36-5:00: Adams’ History with entrepreneurship

5:00-9:58: “What do you think are some areas of a business that people should consider when thinking about is this the right thing for me?”

9:58-16:32: Why did you decide to get into Amazon?

16:32-19:58 : “How important is it to surround yourself with people who are doing what you do or is it more important to just incubate and go about it alone?”

19:58-31:30: Investing into your brand as an individual, and how do you translate that into building better products and business.

31:30-38:41: “What’s your lens on opportunity in America, and what would you say to someone who believes the American dream is dead?”

38:41-39:19: “What’s your favorite quote?”

39:19-40:54: “What is one character trait you believe is very important?”

40:54-41:36: “What’s a book that you recommend?”

41:36-44:52: “If you could gives yourself from high school advice, what would it be?”

“You can have an amazing life, if you get your mental priorities sorted out and your values sorted out.” (7:30-7:41)

“Nothing really changes, you get a check, you put it in the bank, and all that happens is you add more zeros in the digital universe, it doesn’t change you, you might go by a Ferrari, but three months later that Ferrari is just another car to you.” (9:10-9:26)

“If you haven’t done the work, if you haven’t done the journey, if you haven’t focused on becoming a better person, the moneys not gonna change that, it’s just gonna magnify your personality.” (9:34-9:45)

“Moneys not the goal, money is simply a resource you have to become a bigger and bigger conduit for, so you can flow and not necessarily hold on to it but direct it towards the things that you care about and the things and the things that are gonna help others.” (28:26-28:41)

“Money is just an understanding of value, and if you become a valuable person, moneys gonna understand you a little bit better.” (30:29-30:36)