BYOB Featuring Donald Meador

Keeping up in any business can be difficult, its a game of patience and persistence, and not everyone can do this, for this episode of the brandcast Donald Meador comes on to talk about his experiences on job sites and what he’s taken from them, a big one being motivation, and hope, basically, if you don’t believe in what you're doing or pursuing, you’re never going to succeed at it, which is why you have to go through all the hard times and the ups and downs. Donald Meador has been through all sorts of downs but hopefully hearing about them will show that you can succeed as he has with enough persistence.

0:00-0:57: Intro

0:57-5:13: “Tell about your book”

5:13-11:57: “How would you address only doing things out of obligation?”

11:57-15:47: Project management

15:42-24:26: “What would you say are 3 areas that people should focus on?”

24:46-34:24: “How would you define the paradigm of managing work in the middle of chaos?”

34:24-35:46: “What is another book that you have read or written that has impacted your mindset?”

35:46-36:45: “Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?”

36:45-38:08: “What’s a character trait that you think everyone should lock in on?”

38:08-40:48: “If you could give yourself advice from high school what would it be?”

“It’s so important as a leader whether you’re running a company, or a team, you wanna be honest with your team. Let them know what’s going on, admit the challenges that are happening and that you’re facing, and then point them to the opportunities.” (11:30-11:44)

“Perception is reality.” (16:42-16:43)

“A brand is nothing more than what other people think about you.” (16:49-16:50)

“We each operate in our own self-interest.” (20:20-20:27)

“First understand one, the decision was made for a reason but it may not be a reason you agree with, and it may not be a reason you are aware of.” (25:51-26:04)

“There is always opportunity if you have your eyes open.” (26:25-26:36)

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