BYOB Featuring Ron Carson

Founder and CEO of Carsongroup, an enterprise that has served financial advisers and investors since 1983 through Carsonwealth, Ron Carson, who started all of his success in his dorm room in college joins Mike on the Podcast, they discuss being intentional, thinking to ourselves and having a plan, some of the main focuses touched on in this episode. Carson will be giving his insights on the mindset you’ll need to have while building up a successful career and the how resourceful you should be as well when citing knowledge.

0:00-2:34: Intro

2:34-7:05: “How important is it for someone who is just starting out to decide what do I wanna be an expert at?”

7:05-12:47: “Is there something to having a lifestyle that you’re in complete control over or being in hustle and bustle cities that help manage your finances better or think better?”

12:47-19:20: Having intention.

19:20-23:04: “How do you evaluate data and why do you think data is valuable?”

23:04-28:23: “What advice would you give to somebody who’s extremely early in their business and they need to start investing into support, or sales, or advertising, where would you say they should focus those efforts in order to be in a position to grow?”

28:23-28:43: “Do you have a favorite quote or book that you’ve read?”

28:43-29:24: “What is one character trait that you believe is important?”

29:24-31:19: “What is some advice you’d give to yourself in high school?”

31:19-35:46: Why did you decide to create the content you made?

35:46-38:51: Giving back to the community.

“I don’t want to have the pressure to know, but I want to know where to find it” (3:45)

“You have to be super intentional, you’re never gonna go and open a new office or do all of these things if you weren’t intentional to get to that place, and as you do so you have to remain intentional and know why you’re doing these things so that you can scale and grow effectively.” (12:00-12:20)

“I teach people to set goals around, personal first, then family, then professional, the reason personal first is if you can’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of the people relying on you.” (14:48-14:51)

“We don’t call it human capital, we call it talent.” (24:53)

“The very first hire is someone that shares your vision for what you want to accomplish.” (24:56-24:59)

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