BYOB Featuring Steve Mckee

Brands are the single most important thing in a business, it defines it and it can also define you, it’s recognizable and it represents what your company is, but building a brand isn’t very easy to understand and there are layers to what actually makes a brand something important and that stands out.

To talk with Mike on the podcast about learning how to build your brand is Steve Mckee, a leading brand strategist, author, inventor of ADBOWL, and pioneer of MWC’s Charrette planning process.

0:00-0:53: Intro

0:53-2:51: “What got you into the industry?”

2:51-5:18: “What are some of those core values to intellectual property and developing a brand that you try to use in your work?”

5:18-9:31: “How would you say having a core brand identity has helped a business through the transition of communication?”

9:31-13:00: “As the executive, how can you make clear directives to make sure what your brand is saying?”

13:00-18:01: “How does the Charrette process translate in terms of creative processes?”

18:01-20:54: “What are some of those KPIs that you keep track of, or maybe some annual or operational metrics people should be aware of?”

20:54-23:22: “What created your ideology?”

23:22-24:11: “What’s your favorite book in the bible?”

24:11-27:30: “What’s a character trait that you try to drive home?”

27:30-31:08: “When someone is in a “winter period” in their life or business, what are some things that can help them turn that around?”

31:08-32:45: “Do you have any personal development or business books you’d like to recommend?”

32:45-34:45: “If you were to give yourself a piece of advice the day you graduated from high school what would say?”

“The core essence of what we do for a living never changes” (2:47)

“Hold tightly to your brand” (5:07)

“Don’t worry, just do it.” (33:08)

“You’re gonna have days that just knock you flat. Get up tomorrow, get back to work.” (25:45)

“It’s the sticking through the winter, that brings the spring” (28:03)