Build Your Own Brandcast ft. Justin Hunte

Mike pairs up with Justin Hunt on this episode of B.Y.O.B. Justin gives his thoughts on business and success and doing what you do because you love it and if you believe in that, you’ll be successful. This episode tells you to be bold and go for what you want, because how can you be truly successful if you don’t have the confidence?

0:00-1:48: Intro

1:48-6:10: “What other things do you enjoy?”

6:10-7:24: “What would you say is something that everybody should really strive to be elite at?”

7:24-15:53: “How did you build your empire?”

15:53-19:50: “What are some of the figureheads that have inspired you and your writing?”

19:50-24:33: “What kind of bar could you give them on how they could leverage the globalization of communication to put themselves on?”

“People have to be relentless.” (6:18)

“The only people who ever attain anything or reach their goals are the ones who don’t quit.” (7:03-7:07)

“Not sacrificing what I love for what it is I think I need.” (9:51-9:56)

“Don’t be too prideful to show love to the things that inspired you.” (15:06-15:11)

“Don’t allow your objections to overcome your objective.” (19:13-19:19)

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