Creative Arts Festival Pop-Up

Artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs come together at the Creative Arts Festival, to show their expression and talents by modeling, creating works of art to present, and showing their musical talents. Come see how people at the festival show what it means to be elite.

0:00-1:03: Intro

1:03-4:30: 1 hour until the Creative Arts Festival/prepping for the festival

4:30-5:00: Handcrafted art by @plantingtabbies

5:00-5:39: @Dr_Philmasterbarber

5:39-6:02: @twins317

6:02-6:48: More arts festival touring

6:48-7:30: @ShotBySaap

7:30-9:21: @B2ntl3y_

9:21-10:53: @officaljstokes

10:53-11:45: @Cookedbychrissco

11:45-12:08: @Don_chambers_pu_317

12:08-13:22: @Yungscbaby

13:22-15:09: @360modelbootcamp

15:09-16:29: @the_glow_queen

16:29-18:58: After the show/afterthoughts

“My goal is to connect with other artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs, with a vision to help promote their businesses, provide content, and stay true to the artists within” (6:52-7:03)

“Having creative control over a lot is the energy that I embodied with my dad, as a kid, he was always moving around managing his own time not really confining to nine to fives or structural organizations taught me as a young man how to find my lane in certain things.” (8:25-8:39)

“If you genuinely have real undying faith that it’s gonna work out, it’s gonna work out.” (9:48-9:53)

“You can represent yourself, however, the f*ck you want to represent yourself” (10:18-10:20)

“I want to set a good example, I want to set a damn good example, to show people that it’s possible. No matter what happens, no matter what you go through, I wanna be elite in setting a good example.” (10:38-10:48)