Discipline: An ELITE Beat Roundtable

Show Notes

Self-Discipline. An ever elusive concept that we all know we should have, but can be quite difficult to nail into place. How do we as creatives view self-discipline and how can we get better at enforcing it upon ourselves? Check out how the ELITE Coalition stays onto of their goals through defining their own discipline.


(0:00-1:02) - Intro

(1:02-2:22) - “How do you view self-discipline?”

(2:22-3:28) - “How do you keep your self-discipline?”

(3:28-4:27 - “What do you feel is the different between self-discipline and motivation?”

(4:27-4:31) - “How has discipline impacted you?”

(5:50-7:33) - “Tips for those who struggle.”

(7:33-7:51) - Outro


(1:13-1:22) - “We as people always tend to put ourselves first and calling ourselves out on our shortcomings is never easy.”

(4:15-4:27) - “Self discipline is the thing you need day in, day out.”

(5:27-5:35) - “[Self discipline] keeps me from allowing outside things to influence what I have going on at the moment.”

(6:11-6:13) - “Relearning your why.”

(7:19-7:23 ) - “Self-discipline is a muscle, and just train that muscle.”