ELITE B.A.E. ft Chastity Aranda

Show Notes:

Everyone’s thought about being a model at some point, kids an adults alike. Then they talk themselves out of it, believing it can’t possibly be a stable career. Chastity Aranda thought the same until she took the plunge into a world she knew nothing about, determined to make it work. Join us as we explore Chastity Aranda’s journey to becoming a model and see her goals for the future.

(0:00-0:11) - Intro

(0:11-0:33) - “What got you into modeling?”

(0:33-0:45) - “Was this always a passion?”

(0:45-1:02) - “Favorite part of the industry?”

(1:02-1:20) - “Best moments of the journey?”

(1:20-1:39) - “Any passions outside of modeling?”

(1:39-2:02) - “How important is fitness for you?”

(2:02-2:26) - “Do you see yourself fusing the two?”

(2:26-2:47) - “Future goals for your journey?”

(2:47-3:11) - “Advice for the youth?”

(3:11-3:45) - “What does it mean to be a Boss Above Everything?”

(3:45-4:02) - Outro


(1:15-1:20) - “That moment of gratitude and seeing the journey and how far you’ve come, it’s really just nice to have that.”

(1:53-2:01) - “Whether I’m behind the camera or behind the friggin weights, I’m really enjoying doing that.”

(2:13-2:21) - “I think it’s about that time to really stick to something and fuse [modeling and fitness] together and create that target.”

(2:50- ) “Don’t doubt yourself with something that hasn’t even begun yet.”

ELITE B.A.E. Is a platform where we take a look beyond the lens in modeling.

In this segment we feature model and fitness enthusiast, Chastity Aranda!

Full episode is out now on YouTube @ ECN TV 👁‍🗨⚔️🏁

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