ELITE® Week Vol IV

This week we see the damage that has been done from an ECI (Enthrall Capital Investments) property before transitioning to see more progressive work by the coalition. More progress is being made in the store front followed by the first Black Business Month sit down featuring a few major players in the Indianapolis area.


Intro 0:00

Vandalized ECI Property 0:55

ECN Photoshoot 4:02

Building the Front Desk 5:11

Retail Sales Approach: 6:45

Black Business Month Sit-Down: 7:53

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Featured Guests:

AB - Barber/Content Creator: @abgigfam

Jay Goldz - Photographer: @jaygoldz

Monty Matuka - Founder, Meli: @monymatuka

Whitley Yates - Founder, The Niche Agency: @whitleyjyates

Wudi Fresco - Creative Director: @Wudi_fresco

JD Visuals - Photographer: @j.dvisualz

Greg Hurt II - Director: @Greghurt__