Social media has made its mark and is taking over the world, whether for the good, or for the bad, for this narrative we want to focus on what we can actually do with social media intently and with purpose. Different people from the coalition give their relationship with social media and tell how they believe we’ll be able to use it for the better or how future generations can overcome the struggles that we’re currently having with it.

0:00-1:25: Intro

1:25-2:28: “What was your first social media account?”

2:28-2:53: “What was your early relationship with social media?”

2:53-3:24: “What is your current relationship with social media?”

3:24-3:51: “What benefit do you get from social media?”

3:51-4:38: “What’s frustrating about social media?”

4:38-5:47: “How can we use it, instead of it using us?”

5:47-7:22: “How do you feel that future generations will benefit from social media?”

“It gives me a lot of opportunities to find a niche.” (3:37-3:40)

“Having more open conversations about the attention span and stuff going down in social media, and kind of making out to everyone that there are benefits and drawbacks to it, and also allowing yourself breaks.” (5:10-5:22)

“We should not let someone else’s opinion or how they see things dictate how we’re gonna move in our lives.” (5:30-5:39)

“I hope they’re able to look back on research and take a step back and kind of look at what social media is doing, so that they don’t spiral into a negative spot.” (6:13-6:26)

“A positive is that it’ll give them a platform to build any business or get their name out.” (6:31-6:40)