Finding Your Passion

Show Notes

Passion is a nebulous concept. It is almost indefinable, as it differs from person to person. Everyone views it differently, pursues it different, and values it differently. Is your passion your purpose? Is it even important to you to find your passion? These are questions are ELITE Fellows wrestle with in this episode of ELITE Beat.

(0:00-1:09) Intro

(1:09-2:01) “What is your passion?”

(2:01-3:26) “How are you able to find that passion?”

(3:26-5:24) “Why do you feel it’s important to find a passion?”

(5:24-7:44) “Does passion = purpose?”

(7:44-8:09) Outro


(3:33-3:37) “It’s important to know what drives you as an individual.”

(4:51-4:58) “I have other things that I do, but it always circles back to: what am I writing? What am I working on? What am I editing?”

(5:58-6:00) “No matter what I’m going through, passion helps me get through.”