The Genie Gift

          Discovering your peak interests can unlock a world of potential.

No one can refute the fact that Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds in history. What many don’t know is that he was regarded as a slouch of a student by his teachers throughout school and college. He was even labeled “insubordinate and lazy”, but now we label him as a genius.

Genius (n) – natural ability or capacity; strong inclination

Several synonyms for this definition of genius are Gift, Talent, Aptitude, Knack, or Predilection. even lists “wizardry” as a synonym for genius. I like to look at Genius as the Genie-in-us because, when we turn our attention to the things that we are naturally drawn to, we can leave it there for a lifetime. When we allow ourselves to be enthralled with the dreams, ideas, or hobbies that we enjoy the most, we are able to put in the time to become masters at those things without it even seeming like work.

People who have put in the time to become masters of their art are often referred to as magicians or wizards because they make the impossible seem easy. Look at Steph Curry or Michael Jordan for example.


Are they performing magic? No. What we are really seeing is what’s possible when you ignore the critics, and become a true genius at the craft you love. When practice becomes play and your work has no time clock, you have found your field of greatness. You can develop your ability to amazing levels when you truly love what you do. Even to the point of being seen as superhuman.
As we look at giving gifts to those we care about, let’s also look at the ultimate gift that we can give ourselves. The gift of genius! What is it that you are most interested in? What is that thing that most told you is out of the norm or out of reach for you? Let the genie inside of you have its way, and dedicate significant time to becoming great at that thing.

A fish will never learn to climb a tree, but nothing on earth knows the water like it does. In fact, it can’t live without it! We all have aspirations that we may be sitting on. Dreams that we thought we couldn’t live without when we were younger. The elite are those who never forgot those dreams, and have uncovered their inner genius as a result. Their abilities are able to set the world around them on fire. I think that’s a gift that we should all aspire to give.


Will you set your world on fire?


Who are people in the past or present who you believe are geniuses?

What did you have a burning desire to do when you were younger?

This content was originally published to on Dec 24, 2015.