Gratitude: An ELITE Beat Roundtable

Show Notes:

It’s easy to get lost in your tough times and forget about the things in life that can help you get through those tough times, so it’s important to remind yourself or at least find a way to remind yourself of those things and those people in your life that make it better. Our fellows here at HQ explain their rituals for staying grateful and how it helps get them through life.

0:00-1:01: Intro

1:01-1:56: “What are/is something(s) that you are grateful for?”

1:56-3:00: “Why do you feel it’s important to have gratitude?”

3:00-4:16: “What do you do to practice gratitude?”

4:16-5:44: “How do you push through periods where you aren’t as grateful?”

5:44-: “How has being grateful impacted your perspective?”


(1:22-1:23) “The opportunity to keep living, waking up every day.”

(1:47-1:56) “I think there are some times when we take ourselves for granted so, I am grateful for myself. “

(2:03-2:10) “I feel like it’s very important that when you reach any height, you make sure you are grateful for what was before that.”

(3:05-3:15) “I always want people to be seen whenever they’re doing anything for me, I try to show gratitude for even the smallest thing.”

(4:44-4:50) “Having therapy helps or even having someone in your life to check you.”