Sparking the Change: JA JobSpark 2022

Over 20 venders. Over 50 schools. Over 10,000 students. Over 2days.

JA JobSpark is a two-day, hands-on career expo impacting over 10,000 Indianapolis eighth graders. The JA JobSpark initiative includes in-class or remote curriculum and activities prior to and after attending the event. JA JobSpark is meant to “spark” an interest in students and get them excited for their future. Students will learn about skills needed for jobs that will be in demand when they graduate and will learn about the equipment that is used on those jobs daily. Students will have a better understanding of the courses they will need to take in high school, a track for post-secondary and a clear career pathway for what they find they are interested in.

As adults we can tend to get wrapped up in our own struggles, our own goals. We rarely take the time to actually sit and think about the youth.

As much as the media tries to portray that we care. Most of us barely have the capacity to actually think about the future generations in a genuine way.

The time is now to change that thinking.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

2:07 - Door Opening

3:27 - Enthrall Cluster

3:55 - Student Interviews

5:55 - Session one wrap

6:10 - Session two start

7:10 - Volunteer Interviews

9:26 - Outro

9:53 - Credits

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