Kool Kid Kalvo IN(N)YC

Fresh off the tour in United Kingdom, Kool Kid Kalvo finds himself in the mecca of Hip-hop for a one night performance at The Factory 380. Success loves Preparation, and preparation loves commitment. These two themes are key to not only being an ELITE performer on stage but also to be an ELITE person in life. Follow Kalvo on the night of his NYC performance and learn more about his love, preparation and commitment to his craft.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

2:00 - The importance of being an ELITE performer.

2:44 - Pre-show prep

4:29 - Kobe Bryant Influence

6:00 - Drive to performance

7:11 - The Factory 380 arrival

7:55 - Performance

9:06 - Credits

“If you want to be a professional in anything you do, you have to treat it like a sport” ~ Kalvo

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