Miami Art Basel '21 - Scope Miami Beach

People try to make human connections through their art, they pull from their own lives and use their hardships, trauma, and overall view of the world or state of it to inspire their art and reach out to people who may feel the same. When we come to places like galleries we can meet people who go through similar things we have in life, whether that's good or bad, and use those things to make something completely different and beautiful like art. The crowd and the art itself are so incredibly diverse, there’s always something for everyone, which is why we connect in these places.

The SCOPE Art Show, a contemporary art fair held annually in New York City, Miami Beach, and Basel, focuses on young galleries and emerging art, each include between 60 and 100 exhibitors who used their work to reach out and make those connections with people who may have had similar life experiences as them.

For Miami's Hosting in 2021 during Miami Art Week, we gain insight and view profiles from prolific painters, sculptures, and NFT creators in the industry. Artists by the likes of Dennis Klapschus, Raymond Stuwe, Victoria Citro and others speak on their inspirations, meanings behind their works, importance of digital art and more.

Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

0:25 Chic Evolution in Art

1:23 Dennis Klapschus

1:55 Genoveva Fernandez

2:51 Raymond Stuwe

3:38 Michael Kauffman

4:51 Ana Hernandez-Burwell

5:54 Isabel Hooft

6:49 Victoria Citro

8:06 Linjie Deng

9:15 Sleeping Giant

10:51 Mark Malta

11:44 Jeffrey Wilcox

12:50 Marco Veronese

14:10 Outro/Credits

“We have to start thinking as a messenger, and spread our energy, our lives, our love, to the people, and human beings would be much better.” (13:58-14:07)

“I like to work with the dreams and hopes.” (6:25-6:29)

“We are all connected” (13:24-13:25)

“My inspiration’s my life, the combination of my childhood memories and motivation.” (1:33-1:37)

“I think I draw inspiration from things that have to do with my talents.” (2:10-2:13)


Chic Evolution in Art - @chic_evolution_in_art

Dennis Klapschus - @deklart_official

Genoveva Fernandez - @genoveva. Fernandez

Raymond Stuwe - @sturayart

Michael Kauffman - @velveteen_

Ana Hernandez-Burwell - @ana.hernanx

Isabel Hooft - @Isabelhooft

Victoria Citro - @victoriacitro

Linjie Deng - @linjiedeng

Sleeping Giant - @sl33pinggiant

Mark Malta - @markmalta

Jeffrey Wilcox - @jeffreywilcoxpaclipan

Marco Veronese - @marcoveronese

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