New beginnings keep things fresh and moving forward, without them it’s hard for us to grow and evolve as people. Members of the coalition come to HQ to tell their experiences with new beginnings, and what it means for them.

0:00-1:25: Intro

1:25-2:14: How does it feel to have a new beginning?

2:14-3:40: ”What was a time that you had a new beginning?”

3:40-4:27: “What do you feel makes new beginnings so special?”

4:27-5:19: “What’s a key lesson that you learned from your new beginning?”

5:19-6:51: “How do you plan to build your fresh start?”

“What makes new beginnings so special is having the opportunity to begin again.” (3:55-4:00)

“I would say a key lesson is that you do not have to change the place you are living for a fresh start, it just kind of starts with a new mindset.” (4:26-4:38)

“Take the leap if you’re afraid, and understand that slow and steady always wins the race.” (4:39-4:48)

“Every decision is not  bad decision” (4:50)

“Take it one day at a time.” (5:57)