ELITE Spotlight: BJ Teriba

          In this spotlight, we hand the pen to a true wordsmith by nature, BJ Teriba.

This is an exercise created by my good friends at Elite Coalition Network. Since I haven’t done a personal bio and loved this process, I decided to add it to my page as well. If you’re looking for the top resources in brand identity, architecture, and development make sure to check out to learn more!

Special thanks to the Serial CEO, Mike Pirtle, for giving me an opportunity to get introspective and share my story something I’m working on daily. Make sure you check out his podcast as well, where he talks to industry leaders in their spaces about business excellence, branding, and entrepreneurship.

Who are you?

My name is Omobolaji Teriba and most of my associates call me BJ. I am a content strategist from Brooklyn, NY by way of Nigeria (shoutout to my first gen compadres!). I am a neo-philo, community builder, and creative producer.

What brand(s) are you building?

Stacked Pickle

Stacked Pickle is a family sports bar & restaurant focused on being the go-to food options brand full time as the Director of Marketing & Strategy. There, I implement systems for effective digital brand management, lead content development, and oversee the majority of our external communications as a company.

Our goal is 50 franchises in 5 years, and I believe we have the systems, personnel, and concept to do so. Find your nearest location at and if you are interested in franchising please check us out on as well.

Gary Brackett

Gary Brackett is a high performance & identity coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur. I help develop his brand as a Content Strategist. My responsibilities there include content creation, lead generation, and strategic planning.

His brand continues to scale at a beautiful pace and I’m blessed to be a part of the growth. He’s also releasing an e-course over the next few months — if you’re a high achiever, you’ll want to check this out! Sign up for his email list and get early access at

Prep Management

Prep Management is a marketing strategy service provider that aims to equip businesses with innovative, creative, and impactful solutions to their business marketing needs. With experience in the restaurant, nonprofit, entertainment and fashion spaces, and we are confident we’ve got the right mix of experience and service to help take your business to the next level.

I am the Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist of the business. If you need help building marketing funnels, creating a content strategy, or implementing e-commerce solutions for your business, email us at

The Prep Boys

The Prep Boys is a publication aimed at promoting millennial culture, highlighting creativity, and building community. We share stories and insights on the latest in music, art, fashion, sports, and film. Check us out on Instagram @The.Prep.Boys!


F.A.M.E (Fashion. Art. Music. Experience) is a creative multiform experience centered around celebrating local artists, talent, and creatives with a focus on the aesthetic disciplines of fashion, art, and music.

It serves as a new platform for creatives to network and share their skills, passions, and various interests in a space where fashion design, modeling, cosmetology, poetry, and visual and performing arts are showcased to the Indianapolis community’s art patrons. Follow us at @fame.collective to see what we’re all about!

What is your #1 skillset?

My #1 skillset is my ability to learn. It’s what has enabled me to grow in this fast-paced industry and build a skill set that can impact any organization or project I am part of in a meaningful and positive way. My role is fundamentally based on technology and with new tech being built every day, it is my job to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to learning the newest and most impactful software in my space.

New forms of content constantly emerge and new platforms and ways to build upon marketing funnels are created daily, so my role is that of a student. Constantly learning, building upon what I learned yesterday while engaging with new & exciting concepts every single day. I find myself adding to my toolkit almost every day, and it is an exciting thing to do.

What are you looking for from our MasterMind?

Community. I’ve been in Indianapolis for going on 4 years and while I have friends in many different spaces, I’ve yet to find a structured space for thought leadership, professional development, and a “meeting of the minds” if you will. I enjoy peer to peer learning & collaboration. My biggest goal here is to help facilitate that culture within the ECN framework.

Where can we find and support you online?

Aside from the aforementioned branded websites, my personal blog is hosted at There I write about everything from Fashion & Spirituality to Media & Philosophy. I share my work as well as personal prose on that page, so please check that out and let me know what you think.

You can also find me on social media @ProfuseHabits. My LinkedIn is “Omobolaji Teriba”. Looking forward to connecting!