Self-Improvement: An ELITE Fellowship Roundtable

Show Notes

Self-love, self-discipline, these are things we hear about constantly online, things we know we need to add into our lives. But these are the easy things to incorporate. Self-improvement, on the other hand, is something we all need to focus on, but can be a lot harder to incorporate. It requires reflection, self-examination, and awareness of your own faults and successes. Join the Elite Fellowship as we discuss what self-improvement means to us and how we plan to incorporate it into our lives.

(0:00-0:43) - Intro

(0:43-1:05) - Introductions

(1:05-2:40) - “What are some of your self improvement goals going into the new year?

(2:40-4:10) - “How do you plan on achieving those goals that you have for yourself?”

(4:10-5:35) - “How do you react to any setbacks that might interfere with your goals?”

(5:35-7:12) - “How do you celebrate yourself for small wins?”

(7:12-8:59) - “What does self-improvement mea for you?”

(8:59-9:23) - Outro


(3:07-3:10) - “You grow more when you’re uncomfortable.”

(4:14-4:17) - “The only thing that can set me back [on my journey] is myself.”

(5:23-5:28) - “You’ve got to have a mirror in order to understand what you’ve been doing wrong and what you can be doing better.”

(7:48-7:55) - “The fact that I am improving means that I’m learning and I’m not being stagnant.”

(8:29-8:35) - “You’re blossoming into what you always have been but never knew you were.”