Serial CEO | Jimmie McMillian

Serial ceo, Mike Pirtle sits down with Jimmie McMillian, the Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Corporate Counsel for Penske Entertainment as they discuss the philosophy of being a CEO and the importance of having an elite mindset towards life.

Jimmie shares his personal life story, including his journey from growing up in Chicago to his current role at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He also talks about the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way.

This episode highlights the power of honesty, vision, and perseverance in the pursuit of success. Additionally, it touches on the NXG Youth Motorsports program, which Jimmie is involved in, and its mission to provide opportunities for young individuals interested in racing and related fields.


0:00 Episode Introduction

0:38 Discussion about previous visits

1:00 Introduction to Jimmie McMillian

2:01 Jimmie’s role at IMS

2:47Jimmie's life story and mentorship

5:37 Overcoming challenges in Indianapolis

8:04 Commitment to success and helping others

12:05 The importance of honesty and self-awareness

17:45 The value of time and vision

25:02 Holding honest conversations with oneself

29:18 Knowing when to say no

32:23 Introduction to NXG Youth Motorsports program

33:27 NXG program details and impact

37:18 Creating opportunities for success in all fields

"Serial CEO" is a captivating sit-down interview series that dives deep into the world of high-level entrepreneurs and businessmen, uncovering their inspiring journeys, challenges, triumphs, and insights. Hosted by Mike Pirtle, this show aims to provide listeners with valuable lessons, motivation, and actionable advice from successful leaders, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with confidence.

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