Serial CEO | Lee White

In this episode of "Serial CEO", Mike sits down with Lee White, an Indianapolis businessman, as they discuss his career journey and the importance of relationships and networking.

Lee goes on to emphasize the value of genuine interest in others, and the impact of first impressions. White also shares his experience with overcoming introversion and impostor syndrome on his journey.  White is committed to philanthropy, focusing on crime prevention and community development in Indianapolis, and advises early-stage entrepreneurs to collaborate with others and tell their stories effectively to create sustainable change in our society.


0:00 Introduction to Serial CEO and a meeting with the guest speaker

0:30 Relationship and mentorship development

2:21 Lee’s Background and journey to becoming a CEO

5:06 The importance of relationship building in sales8:06 Overcoming stage fright and networking tips

10:45 The importance of being interested in others rather than trying to be interesting

13:33 Dealing with imposter syndrome and redefining oneself

19:19 The importance of maintaining a standard of excellence

23:09 Making a contribution to the city and focusing on crime prevention

26:02 How early-stage entrepreneurs can gain help from philanthropic organizations

29:55 Final thoughts on sharing success and maintaining balance in life

Serial CEO" is a captivating sit-down interview series that dives deep into the world of high-level entrepreneurs and businessmen, uncovering their inspiring journeys, challenges, triumphs, and insights. Hosted by Mike Pirtle, this show aims to provide listeners with valuable lessons, motivation, and actionable advice from successful leaders, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with confidence.

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