Tennis Shoes. Gym shoes, footwear, foot gear. Sneakers. The question that everyone wants to know about sneaker culture is… What the hell is even the point?

Why would I fill up my closet in my one bedroom apartment to the point where I can’t even open the door to walk in. Why would I want to be at a point where I can’t even get a slight scuff on my shoe before I never wear it again? And more importantly… Why would I want to spend so much of my hard earned MONEY.

Sneaker culture is a lifestyle that only a select few of individuals truly get. It’s the subcultures of all subcultures. Its the man above man. and more importantly it is the passion above passions.

Let’s Listen to some of the participants of Indianapolis’s 2022 SNKRCULTURE event to learn more about the world of sneaker collecting and the significance of the lifestyle.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

1:23 Subject introductions

2:48 - What was your first shoe in your collection?

4:29 - When did this become full time?

6:02 - What should people know about Sneaker Culture?

9:12 - Outro

“Wear your sneakers!” ~ AJ IN CHICAGO

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