Spontaneous PodcastInterviewChopitupThing Pt.1

“If you have an idea you’re established” Greg and Mike do a one-on-one and talk about Mike's start, what has motivated and influenced him to be an entrepreneur and have his hands in so many projects, and how he views his impact on people and how people can motivate and impact others. Mike is a great example of the lengths one idea can take you and shows you that being established is knowing where you want to be and working to get there, so if you have an idea, you are established. Take it from Mike himself here.

0:00-1:46: Intro

1:46-4:29: Where did it all start for Mike?

4:29-8:04: “How did you develop the mindset of helping people get to where they want to be?”

8:04-10:26: “Do you think your travels had an influence on how your mindset was and how you are today?”

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