Spontaneous PodcastInterviewChopitupThing Pt.2

“If you have an idea you’re established” Greg and Mike do a one-on-one and talk about Mike's start, what has motivated and influenced him to be an entrepreneur and have his hands in so many projects, and how he views his impact on people and how people can motivate and impact others. Mike is a great example of the lengths one idea can take you and shows you that being established is knowing where you want to be and working to get there, so if you have an idea, you are established. Take it from Mike himself here.

0:00-7:54: “What place did you stay in that had the most impact on you?”

7:54-15:11: “The list of business ventures that you currently have on the table?”

15:11-19:42: Wanting to educate

19:42-25:16: “What do you plan expanding on, and just bringing to the table?”

25:16-26:39: “How many people have you affected?”

26:39-30:50: “Is there any other adventures that you plan on getting together on the media side?”

“If you want to receive something, it’s gonna be some measure of what you give out.” (5:12-5:15)

“If you know what you’re doing, and you’re sure about your path, you’ll either get a lesson or a blessing.” (5:37-5:43)

“Often times, it’s just about creating that environment where it’s actually okay to focus on nothing else but “I” and where am I trying to go right now.” (16:42-16:54)

“If you have an idea you’re established.” (18:42-18:44)

“My focus is on just being a conduit for progress.” (24:59-25:03)

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