Enjoying life in the present moment is important. Always looking to the past prevents us from moving toward the future. Staying grounded can help us stay in the present and keep moving, but how do you do that? People from the fellowship give some advice on how to stay grounded and what they do to help themselves.

0:00-0:38: Intro

0:38-2:19: “How important do you feel it is to stay grounded and be in the present?”

2:19-3:50: “What are some things you do to stay grounded?”

3:50-5:10: “What’s something or someone that brings you that balance or peace of mind.”

5:10-7:47: “What was a high or low point that you needed to stay centered during?”

7:47-9:25: “What Would you recommend someone does if they struggle staying present.”

“I feel like you have the ability to have control over your energy and over your peace and over your mind and creating that space of just being you.” (1:10-1:44)

“I feel like being grounded is the only thing that can keep you human sometimes when times either get rough or you feel uncertain about a lot of things.” (1:44-1:55)

“I like to immerse myself in the relationships that I have and the activities that I’m doing and give it my full attention, so when I’m talking to people I stay off my phone and stop worrying and really listen to them and hear about what we’re doing in the moment and especially with activities that I’m doing as well.” (3:10-3:25)

“Advice that I would give to someone is, to schedule a time to worry, because it’s really easy to worry about every little thing but give yourself an hour or two at a certain point in the day to think about that and the rest of the time, focus on what’s in front of you.” (7:53-8:11)

“Our own worst critic is ourselves and but also, our highest appraisal comes from ourselves and I think an honest critic being a friend or maybe a co-worker or just a peer in general can help you improve to be the best person that you can be and be one step closer to your goals.” (8:28-8:46)