Bosses Link Up - SVBH Edition w/ Denzel Glasper

          Tap into this Bosses Link Up segment with ELITE Ambassador, Denzel Glasper.

Who are you?

My name is Denzel Glasper. I am a Crew Scheduler for United Airlines and I am a Brand Ambassador for Elite Garb.

I have participated in some of the behind the scenes work of the Elite Coalition. (E.g : Posed for Brand Pictures, Chosen Picture Landscapes/Backgrounds, Podcasts) I have my hands on the pulse of the culture and I spread my ideas to my coworkers for feedback.

I have worked in the airport as a gate agent (IND & ORD) and now I am behind the scenes. I used to handle boarding the flights and handling passenger’s information reguarding visas and passports, but now I tell Flight Attedants what to do and where they are going.

What brand(s) are you building?

Elite Coalition! I refuse to say building Elite Coalition because it has already been built. Now it is time for more groundwork. What I am doing with the Elite Brand is helping spread its reach to more of a global standpoint. I have multiple ideas that I want to get involved in, this coming this year. (Can’t let you know about these ideas just yet!) I can only say we have our hands on a lot of different pulses in the culture.

United Airlines is in the same boat as Elite Coalition in terms of brands being built already. The only difference is this past year has been very drama filled dealing with United’s Brand and all of its news worthy problems. I am trying to remarket and maybe rebrand a better and fresher United Airlines.

What is your #1 skill set?

My #1 skill set is being a Extrovert. My energy I bring to the group. I am the enthusiam guy. I keep the team uptempo. I bring the good energy into environment to keep us going. Positive vibes, teamwork, open creative thinking, and a multitude of other things I bring to this Elite Culture.

What are you looking for from our MasterMind?

I am looking for support. I want our MasterMind to not hinder our progression. I want to be supported, to not only expand and grow in this Team, but to grow and expand outside of this Team. Our Mastermind has to remind us that these little minor setbacks are nothing compared to our major comebacks. Support the Team in being creative and pushing our limits to continue to build our dreams but also helping us turns those dreams into reality.

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @Denzey29

IG: @Denzey29

Facebook: @DenzelGlasper