The Artist Box Season 3: 3VM

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois is a versatile artist by the name of 3VM. While 3VM is an artist who knows how to make his presence felt in his music, he is also making sure that his presence is felt in every aspect of his life. Being more than an artist is a lost art, but with 3vm it seems to come pretty naturally.

(0:00-3:17) Intro

(3:17-5:12) Chapter 1: Jimmy Coop

(5:12-8:04) Chapter 2: Gettin’ To It

(8:04-10:05) Chapter 3: Who is 3VM?

(10:05-10:27) Outro


(4:46-4:48) “Shit’s still dark, I’m just making some of the best music of my life.”

(5:43-5:48) “If I’m doing something easy, I probably have no business doing it.”

(7:17-7:20) “I have to treat [my health] like it’s a part of the job.”

(8:47-8:53) “I knew I wanted to go get an MBA early on, and I wasn’t gonna let music come between that.”