The Artist Box Featuring Kool Kid Kalvo

Kool Kid Kalvo a well-known mid-west rapper drops by HQ to tell us what pushes and inspires him to keep making music and to keep working on himself to be better.

0:00-2:08: Performance

2:08-2:25: “What keeps you motivated on your journey?”

2:25-3:10: “How have you pushed through the loss of your sister?”

3:10-4:15: “Explain your connection with the west coast”

4:15-5:52: “Explain your relationship with Larry June.”

5:52-6:25: “Where does this creativity of the projects and song titles come from?”

6:25-7:04: “How do you stay in your lane and not follow trends?”

7:04-8:08: “Any new projects or new ventures?”

“I always wanna provide for my family and take care of my family” (2:11-2:15)

“If I didn’t have my family, I’d probably have a different motivation.” (2:20-2:21)

“My sister was like my number one fan.” (2:26-2:27)

“I know she’s still watching me and trying to make sure that I’m still on the up and up, so I still gotta show her. Even though she’s not here, she’s still here.” (3:00-3:07)

“I like my life a lot more peaceful” (6:42-6:43)

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