The Artist Box Season 3: Lil Billy

Show Notes:

00:00-1:28 Intro

1:28-2:06 “What was your upbringing like in Indianapolis?”

2:06-3:37 “When did you first discover your love for music?”

3:37-4:15 “What was the rap scene like at that time?”

4:15-5:22 “When did you begin to take music seriously?”

5:22-7:23 “What were your next steps after prison?”

7:23-8:57 “What brought on your second prison sentence?”

8:57-9:49 “What did you learn from your prison sentence?”

9:49-10:39 “What was your approach to your comeback song ‘King of the Hill’?”

10:39-11:38 “Can you talk about the inspiration behind your project ‘Orchestrating’?”

11:38-12:46 “How important is fatherhood to you?”

12:46-13:32 “How has it felt to grow and bounce back as an artist?”

13:32-14:14 “What is something people misconstrue about you?”

14:14-14:34 Outro


(1:48-1:51) “I was bred to hustle.”

(5:17-5:210 “Do what you mean or mean what you say.”

(8:39-8:51) “People like me, at the level I’m at, don’t look at jail as all bad. It preserves you. Makes you smarter. You go to school, you meet people, you network, you get healthy.”

(9:00-9:01) “Community is method.”

(11:10-11:12) “Indianapolis is so divided. I’m gonna get out and put it together.”

(14:09-14:11) “This is not luck. This is hard work and this is hustle.”