The Artist Box Season 3: Really Ralph

Rapper and athlete from South Bend Really Ralph drops by HQ for the Artist Box to tell about his upbringing in South Bend, mentorship and motivation and putting a lot of work into your passions.

0:00-0:11: Intro

0:11-1:51: Music Video

1:51-2:43: “What was your upbringing like in South bend?”

2:43-3:20: “What did sports mean to you growing up?”

3:20-4:34: “How was the transition to Indiana University”4:34-6:52: “How did the transition into rap begin”

6:52-7:26: “How did that early support motivate you?”

7:26-8:15: “What are the similarities between sports and rap?”

8:15-8:49: “How important is mentorship and coaching to you?”

8:49-10:00: “How do you balance being an artist and a mentor”

10:00-11:08: “How important is it for you to give back to the youth?”

“It wasn’t until I graduated until I started taking serious, which is not a regret, timing is everything, but I definitely wish I started a little earlier on that” (5:42-5:50)

“For everybody, if you think this shit happens overnight, it don’t” (5:59-6:02)

“Practice makes perfect, so if you aren’t recording, you aren’t doing what you need to do, how do you expect to get better?” (7:40-7:45)

“Everybody’s got a different path” (9:39)

“If I was one foot in one foot out, it was never gonna make sense” (9:55)

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