The Artist Box Featuring Trajik

“There really is a spot for everybody” If you have a passion, you search for it, try to look forward as far as you can and see where that passion can take you, and like Trajik, his love for music, ended up evolving into a love for entertaining in general with acting in front of a screen, something that he had never considered, but his passion for music and acting are practically one and the same. Doing what you love can take you to many places you didn’t think you’d end up. So eventually, you’ll find your spot.

Artist and rapper Trajik comes to HQ to tell us about his journey and how he found his spot in the rap game and entertainment industry.  Trajik has had struggles coming up in rap early in his life and reflects on how it would’ve been easier now than it was back then, but that challenge and the uphill battle that he faced, motivated his passion and efforts, to become one of the big well-known Midwest rappers.

Take his interview and passion as inspiration to realize that there is a spot for everyone and you can find yours as well.

  • 0:00-1:59: Music Video
  • 1:59-2:22: What was it like growing up on the eastside of Indianapolis?
  • 2:22-3:03: What inspired you to become an artist?
  • 3:03-4:53: How did you make a name for yourself early on?
  • 4:53-5:45: What was the Indianapolis rap scene like at that time?
  • 5:45-6:40: How did it feel to be a pioneer at that time?
  • 6:40-9:18: How did your first group come about with John Conte?
  • 9:18-11:34: What was the next phase like for you?
  • 11:34-14:46: How did the independent grind lead to acting?
  • 14:46-16:23: What was it like being on set for Empire?
  • 16:23-17:27: What was the biggest takeaway from the acting experience?
  • 17:27-18:27: How important is fatherhood to you?
  • 18:27-19:58: Any advice for the youth that are chasing dreams?

“There really is a spot for everybody” (12:45)

“You have to be able to see further than what your eyes can see” (18:33)

“That was my vision, me having that faith.” (19:03)

“If you dedicate yourself to what consumes you, your mind, your heart, your body, your spirit, your soul, it’s gonna become, it’s gonna manifest.” (19:27)

“Stick with it, and work on it everyday, because I can guarantee you, I can put my soul on it, it’s gonna come to fruition.” (19:45)

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