The Artist Box Featuring 2 Dope

West Coast to Mid-West rapper 2 Dope comes in to talk about the early gaps in his career regarding staying on top of things, life transitioning from LA to Indianapolis, his daughter tightening up his life, and how he doesn’t feel obligated or inclined to prove anything to anyone in his music. 2 Dope very much feels comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel the need to be somebody else and just enjoys living his life without any pressure or the need to prove anything which is grounded mindset you should have all the time throughout life when you’re pursuing your ambitions.

0:00-0:17: Intro

0:17-3:16: Music Video

3:16-3:53: “What was a major pothole early on?”

3:53-4:39: “How was the transition from Los Angeles to Indianapolis?”

4:39-4:59: “How has your daughter impacted you?”

4:59-6:09: “Why do you not speak on your experiences in your music?”

6:09-8:13: “Any updates on new projects?”

“What was a major pothole early on?”:

“You gotta be all for it, that slows you down a little bit, just cause you’re not really focused, so it’s like you’re one foot in and one foot out.” (3:39-3:46)

“How was the transition from Los Angeles to Indianapolis?”:

“I never had a gun until I moved out here, it’s like the wild wild west out here, it’s like little Chicago.” (4:17-4:30)

“How has your daughter impacted you?”:

“I’ve just really tightened up with everything, like touchable, I’ve been kind of out of the way, and just put up, and have just taken stuff a little more serious, and yeah just keeping everything I do a little more tighter.” (4:38-4:58)

“Why do you not speak on your experiences in your music?”:

“I don’t gotta prove myself to everybody else, like shit get’s real, real fast so you know, I don’t like to talk about shit that I didn’t do or shit like that, but even then on the other side, I don’t wanna talk about negative shit that’s really going on, and how peoples cribs get shot up, how they’re doing drive-byes on us, or how I’m wrapping my homies leg up, so it’s like, I feel like I’m better than that, that I don’t have to talk about that type of stuff, to smack you feel me?” (5:04-5:48)

Any updates on new projects?”:

“It’s taking so long because each song I make, it’s like dang this is the one, this is the hardest one. Any song I make is like damn naw this is the one right here, and it’s like by that time I don’t even like the ones that I made two weeks ago.” (7:05-7:22)