The Artist Box Featuring KD Ha'ri

Rapper and artist KD Ha’ri comes down to HQ and tells us a little about his backstory and how he has a greater appreciation of life and his career after hitting hard times. KD Ha’ri talks about not getting distracted from what you want to do, because that’s what happened to him at one point, he briefly lost sight of his passion, but he got it back again once he buckled down, and that’s a life lesson that’s very important, to not trip yourself up and to stay consistent on what you want to do so you can see your career grow and soar like KD.

0:00-0:24: Intro

0:24-3:47: Music Video

3:47-4:55: “What inspired the name KD Ha’ri?”

4:55-5:59: “What caused your two year hiatus?”

5:59-7:24: “How did Chicago mold you?”

7:24-8:13: “Where will your career take you in the next five years?”

“It doesn’t even matter what your upcoming is man, just be grateful.” (6:49-6:53)

“As an artist you wanna get to a level to where you can, not only support yourself but your family and things of that nature.” (7:30-8:00)

“Obviously for marketing reasons, you know what I’m saying, like, KD, you know who’s gonna come up, Kevin Durant, so you kind of have to flip and remarket yourself kind of. “ (4:35-4:46)

“I ran into some trouble with the law and you know that just kind of slowed my process down, and not to mention I wasn’t even being consistent at the time. I put myself out there as an artist so it was more of a wake up call, it was more so  something that needed to happen, cause it was like, you love to do music, but you’re out here doing this.  It’s like I’ve said, being consistent. If I was just being in the studio, none of that would’ve happened.” (5:05-5:47)

“Whether you’re a kid from the suburbs or a kid from the projects, just be grateful for whatever your situation is.” (6:04-7:02)

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