The Foundation Brand Opening

0:00-0:40: Intro

0:40-4:25: 22hrs until opening for the HQ for the first time

4:25-6:33: 1hr until opening for the HQ

6:33-10:41: DJ Long Green

10:41-13:15: Kaeph

13:15-14:36: David Gibson

14:36-15:50: Closing out.

“What really makes us elite is not only our owned individual shared experience to try and come together to pull off some spectacular business goals, but also the fact that through the starving lions’ collectives and what we’re building we’re also building a blueprint.” (7:13-7:25)

“Culture is about translation” (8:22)

“You can’t create culture without communication and understanding.” (8:36)

“One thing that makes us elite is that we never stop, we always keep going, there’s no end to it, no finish line.” (10:50-11:01)

“The mistake that many people make is to think that your art has to look like somebody else's.” (14:05-14:09)