Going through a time when the future is uncertain is scary, knowing how to tackle that isn’t really something that’s taught, we’re just trained to go about it as it comes our way but sometimes that can be difficult because the fear of the unknown can stop us in our tracks, fellows of the coalition talk about their methods with dealing uncertain to help people not feel alone with the fear of dealing with it in a way that helps you cope.

0:00-1:21: Intro

1:21-2:21: What does uncertainty mean for you?2:21-3:30: “How do you handle uncertainty?”

3:30:-5:18: “What was a time period for you when you were uncertain?”

5:18-6:40: “How did you push through to become stronger?”

6:40-7:52: “What is a piece of advice you would give to someone dealing with uncertain times?”

7:52-8:08: Credits

“I handle uncertainty by trying to converse with the people that I’m most comfortable being vulnerable with” (2:21-2:32)

“I always listen to my mind at all times.” (3:16-3:20)

“I definitely try to take the time to ask people for advice. Obviously I don’t know everything, so I do admire going to people who are a little more experienced, who have gone through all sorts of routes in life and just kind of having a conversation, I think it gives me a clear mind in knowing that not everyone’s life is linear. (5:21-5:44)

“Pushing through those uncertain times definitely strengthen my resolve as a creator and an individual.” (6:16-6:22)

“Push your limitations without violating your boundaries.” (6:58)